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When a girl with a shaved pussy queefs on her partners face.
My face was all sticky this morning.
My chick gave me a Brazilian blowout last night.
by kstan3 October 10, 2010
The ACTUAL non-sexual definition is a kerotin hair treatment that smooths your hair and makes it super soft and shiny. If taken care of, it should last 12 weeks up to 6 months.
My hair was super frizzy, but then I had a Brazilian blowout and now it's smooth.
by Annoying Ninja June 12, 2013
when fucking a brazilian prostitute, and her daily givings leak out ontop of the paying customer. looks similar to diarrhea.
Dude I was railing this brazilian prostitute last week and she got diarrhea on me. No man you got a brazilian blowout, that was all the others dudes cum leaking out of her.
by phenominally wise February 08, 2011
When your ass implant explodes.
Damn! You see Sahqueeta's Brazilian Blowout?

-- Yeah that shits nasty.
by smackeroo April 15, 2015
A blowjob completed by a Brazilian woman on a German male in which she allows the German man's balls to smack or "score" against her cheeks repeatedly. The German male will often yell "Gooooooooooal" during climax and ejaculation. This act often brings shame on the country and culture of Brazil.
Hans was enjoying a "Brazilian Blowout" from Natália when he immediatley felt the urge to yell, "Goooooooooooal!." Natália's parents and family watched from across the room and began to weep.
by Big Lud the Stud July 11, 2014
Shitting yourself while you are getting a brazilian wax.
The pain from the waxing caused Aunt Thelma to have a brazilian blowout.
by Idaho G Spot June 03, 2010
n. the inevitable syndrome comprising the full consequences of eating at an all-you-care-to-eat churrascaria. Starting with meat sweats and eventually progressing to meat shits.
"I had so much linguica and picanha last night at Fogo de Chao... I've been praying for a Brazilian blowout all morning."
by SmoovB August 18, 2013
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