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A lumberjack of epic power and unequaled greatness. A decendent of mighty pirates kings of old. A follower of Odin and Thor, the Norse gods of war,thunder,and kickassness. Able to chop down entire forests and process them into paper towels in a single day. He wears plaid all the time except for the occasonal Hawaiin shirt when he is feeling festive. He frequently consorts with Valkeries,housewives,and the occansional quarter whore.
Highly attractive housewife: I just wish i had some paper towels.
Brawny Man: Here are some towels mam.
Highly attractive housewife: That plaid makes me dizzy, oh i feel faint..
Brawny Man: Sorry, you aren't my type...maybe if you were naked and painted blue. You don't except quarters do you?
by Swedish Bob December 07, 2006
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