When your female companion is on the rag, you stick three fingers in her vagina and paint your face with the resulting red fluid.
When Suzie is on the rag, we don't waste it. We braveheart all night long.
by Zoidberg71 May 05, 2009
Sex move where a man penetrates a female on her period or penetrate somebody's anal until they get blood all over the penis. Then you pull out and yell "Freeeeeedooooom" and cock-slap your partner's face with your bloody "sword".
Sam pulled off the braveheart on Mike. It was pretty bloody and funny mate.
by SnakeBiter October 13, 2009
Derived from the Mel Gibson movie with the same name, the Braveheart is when during a concert (usually of the harder type), the band tells the audience to split up into two sides, one dubbed the English, the other dubbed the Scottish. These sides will face each other, and on some type of cue, usually when the music or a breakdown starts, the two sides will run into each other, causing a giant moshpit to erupt all over the venue.
"That was an amazing Braveheart!" Lou Koller (Sick of It All), Stockholm, 3/4 2004
by kikanjuuneko March 03, 2004
Anyone brave enough to say this. You guys are such a douche bags for saying stupid stuff, like she is on her period. Get a class you douchebags! Thats braveheart Morons. Nobody in their right mind vvould do that by smearing nasty stuff on their face.
See the above example for braveheart or buy a book for dummies and retarded.
by King of Persia May 16, 2010
Performing cunnilingus on a menstruating female before having intercouse. Upon completion, you must chant the words "free at last."
Friend 1: "Dude, I just bravehearted this bitch."
Friend 2: "You fucking stroke, that's sick!"
Friend 1: "Meh, I took one for the team."
by Hejny August 28, 2006
When you bang a fat chick.
You earned your Braveheart on that one...because they can take our lives, but they can never take, our FREEDOM.
by bigdadybry July 06, 2006
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