to leave a party at 9pm
take on 50 mengz
streak of red thru hair
GUYS GUYS LET GO HOME TEH TAXI IS HERE (when the party has only been on for 5minutes" - very brave
by disknt March 18, 2008
An old slang term for a Native American, now considered derogatory.
The controversy concerning the name of the baseball team, Atlanta Braves, is nither new to sports nor politics in sports.
by LudwigVan November 11, 2003
1.Usually a dumbass who thinks they will get the ladies by performing a stunt that will beat the hell out of them and cause them to more likely resemble a cultist superier

of britney spears

Synonyms are dumbass fag Tosh.O

2. A title given to someone who was lucky enough to kick everyone's ass while getting the ladies.

Synonyms are Chuck Norris Bruce Lee Tosh.O
1. When that child jumped into the boiling pit of lava, he didnt realise that he could suffer some minor burns going in, unfortunately he was one of the many Rare occasions in which he burned to death, in result the witnesses of his burning decided he would not be called Brave but a Dumbass hence the term.

2. In reality god did not have a child with Mary for the child would not exist for God cant have sex with his astral body, Therefore Chuck Norris skrewed Mary and she gave birth to jesus, Proof of this fact is that Mary randomly had a baby (one of Chuck Norris's unlimited superpowers)
Another fact is how Jesus could heal wounds at will through his tears, now this was a minor misfunction that happened when Mary and Chuck were having Intercourse where he Round-Housed Mary to finish it off and before Jesus even existed was kicked hard in the mind which causes him to be the only one with Chuck Norris's tears to cure cancer because of the painful blow that never existed, Hence Chuck Norris is Brave for sharing his powers
by FailedEagle June 24, 2010
Whilst sitting in London Gatwick's North Terminal McDonalds, being surrounded by Black people then accidently shouting "Oh fucking niggers".
Wilson was exceptionally lucky to make it back to Inverness after shouting "niggers" infront of 30 Black People... Call it stupidity if you must... I call it brave!
by DannyTheMan October 31, 2007
Able to have your genitals touched and/or groped by ANY individual, particularly those of the same sex, with little/no negative reaction, and sometimes even enjoy it.
Ex. Kyle says he isn't brave, but I know he is
by Jimmie January 29, 2003

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