Whilst sitting in London Gatwick's North Terminal McDonalds, being surrounded by Black people then accidently shouting "Oh fucking niggers".
Wilson was exceptionally lucky to make it back to Inverness after shouting "niggers" infront of 30 Black People... Call it stupidity if you must... I call it brave!
by DannyTheMan October 31, 2007
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To be able to look at your biggest fear and face it in the eye. There are many definitions and many examples. WWhatt may be a challenge to one individual is unimpressive and easily overcome by another.
A typical example of bravery is facing down an enemy in battle or facing death in the eye in another for or fashion.
Another example is to completely endanger your social standing and completely ignore all social implicaions and do whatever you want
by Miroku April 18, 2003
'brave' is rumoured to have many origins. Some say it originates of the words 'bastard' and 'rave' whilst others believe in a a more complicated constellation consisting the words 'bastard', 'radical' and 'safe'. Either way the common use and interpretation of the two meanings does not differ too much in everyday life. It is an expression to highlight someone's high social value in community adding this extra bit of hidden meaning for people familiar with this expression. It can be used as an adjective or an adverb. In some cases it might even be used as a noun.
-'Brave, mate?'
-'Sure bro, braver...'

-'Mick banged that super hot chick last week and than `snorted 4 grams of cocaine'

-'How safe is that?'
-'That's fucking brave'

-'Collin is a fucking brave individual'

by Braver October 29, 2012
To come out in support for something only after a majority of others are in support for that same thing.
Barack Obama was brave to come out for gay marriage.
by YowzaYowzaYowza May 10, 2012
being brave is being able to overcome a fear. It could be anything for different people. A person could be scared of heights, and they want to overcome it that would be a brave move for them. A wanna be thug could have a fear of standing up to a real thug who takes his money from him so getting a gun and shooting him is the answer. A person might feel brave by winning a street race. It depends on a person's fears.
He was brave the way she talked to the hottest girl in the club
by 504boyz September 03, 2012
A person with the ability to use any kind of object of any shape as a dildo.
Everything is a dildo, if you're brave enough.
by Vasdyan February 12, 2015
This is a word used to describe a person who will risk personal injury and suffering to protect their own beliefs, or to protect another person.
An example of the word "Brave" is a gentleman who has just arrived home to his wife from a night out with lipstick all over him, and stinking of perfume, he then walks over to his wife, slaps her on her ass and says "Whats for dinner then fatty?"
Although some might think this man is out of order, I know no one can question his bravery. A true Hero amoung men.
by Paul Fleming December 16, 2006
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