Top Definition
1. Laughing and/or chuckling (like a crazy person)
2. Fooling (Like joshing, joking, etc.)

From Gangster's Paradise by Coolio: "Cuz I been brassin' and laughing so long, that even my momma thinks that my mind is gone"

1. Ian has been brassin' and laughin' so long that even Bennie thinks that his mind is gone.

2. Ian said he wouldn't tryout for football, and Bennie was mad, until Ian informed Bennie that he was only brassin' him.
by Ian Bryant July 20, 2006
when some one is chillen while playing or listening to music

is chillen listening to music

friend says: what are you doing

Person: i am brassin bro
by your#oneword April 12, 2011
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