A boss, manager, supervisor who is a royal pain in the ass.
Always chasin' your tail for some work that doesn't matter but they want just to let you know who is the head man.
Brasshole - Have you finished those statistics I asked for?

Employee - I thought you didn't need them for another week?

Brasshole - What, you still haven't done them?

Employee - Under breath " You is one big brasshole"
Out loud "Sure I'll have them with you directly"
by Devil's Advocate January 06, 2006
Top Definition
an insanely obnoxious brass instrumentalist that specializes in being an asshole. in other words, one who pisses off everyone within a 1000 foot radius with his/her deafening musical playing.
hey douchebag, try playing louder

at least i'm not making your ears bleed like i'm some raging brasshole.
by lomboslice June 06, 2010
Typically, gruntspeak for an officer that should be fucking well fragged when the oppurtunity and moment to kill the motherfucker with a grenade, fragmentation, hand is at hand. That moment generally happens on things like patrols, or when the victim is taking a shit at the shit pit...
Damn Brassholes. They gotta keep coming to this section's common area like a bunch of fucking tourists!!!!
by J. Michael Reiter July 15, 2005
Brasshole, is a hybridization of "brass", i.e. slang for management, or uppoer management, usually in a law enforcement capacity, with the term asshole. This refers to management that is in effect, acting like an asshole.
Bob was the Acting Group Supervisor and he was openly hostile toward his co-workers. Bob, is a brasshole. Did you see the ridiculous mandate Bob made? What a brasshole!
by -=[EP]=-KingArthur[HK] April 07, 2006
A Brasshole is an undefined word, and I'm not sure why I'm trying to define it because it is THE undefinable word.
You are a brasshole.
Brasshole // Shun The Handshake
by Shiggity Shiggity Shwa January 23, 2005
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