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BRitish ASIAN: particularly when describing music which is a fusion of British & Asian styles.
Brasian music by Nitin Sawhney
by Nigel Roberts February 11, 2006
A person that is British and Asian at the same time.
An Asian with a British accent. :)

P1: Hey uh... if you're Asian, why do you have a British accent?
P2: I'm a Brasian dude....
by AlainaHatsune July 03, 2012
A brown asian.
OWnagE34: dude wtf r u anyway??
ILuV2KiLl: Brasian bro
by WASTICLE February 24, 2009
a person from an asian origin who is extremely bruised, either through violence or through self inflicted harm i.e. poor wax job. these bruises may also be emotional scars, not necessarily physical.
I am a poor brasian, I have many bruises all over my face.
by ziddi April 10, 2005
A brown Asian. The category that contains Indians, Afghanis, Pakistanis, Iranians, etc.
Person 1: Is that chick Mexican?
Person 2: No dude! She's a Brasian
by brasian1720 February 28, 2016
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