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Pronounced like female undergarment "bras".

"Brarz" is effectively exclusion or the act of not doing. You can exclude people (even yourself) from events, conversations or anything. To "Brarz" an event yourself means you will not attend or participate etc.

"Brarzed" past tense.
"Brarzing" verb. Meaning, to Brarz.
Jason: "Luke is brarzing poker tonight."
(Luke is not coming to poker tonight)

Guy: "Hey are you going to Karaoke?"
Brett: "Brarz"
(Brett states he will not be going to said event)

Jim: "Hey Jenny what's happening"
Jenny: *silence*
Jim: "Brarzed"
(Jimmy gets 'brarzed' by Jenny's silence, non response)
by Bullet Bruce June 13, 2007
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