Skinny Puppy invented the Term "Brap"

BRAP is basically like Jamming but with Synthesizers instead of Guitars, etc.

BRAP is also the name of Skinny Puppy's Back & Forth 3/4.
"We were Brappin' for hours"

"Brap on!" (Skinny Puppy fan's "goodbye")

(More c0re version of the above)

"I went to the CD store and bought BRAP!"
by Ekim May 05, 2004
brap is an acronym used by the cool kids in kendal it stands for:

"im gonna brap your mum!- Paige
by xxevie February 06, 2007
Brap is normally from punjabi or bhangra songs when bigging up something. you dont actualy pronounce the p so it would be like 'brrraaaaa...' and you fade away.
boy: sikkk tune!
friend: get me bruv brap (braaap)!
by punjabikuri October 25, 2006
when somethings good or youve done something good. Your an agreement, u will no the true meaning.
i got this new tooth today? (lol)
brap brap!
by Phunin October 01, 2003
a word used by people in the uk hip hop scene

it means/is short for brit rap.

people often think it means shoot or other stupid things like that. these people are idiots.

if you like a uk hip hop artist people often shout brap repetivly

"brap brap brap brap"
by simon brap brap brap September 25, 2006
Used to describe the sound made by a Mazda rotary - esp. if ported heavily.
It's a bridgy so the neighbours hate the BRAP BRAP every morning
by sideways April 28, 2004
To end a conversation. Meaning "I'm out of here"
I'll see you next week. Brap!
by Nim, Paul & John May 17, 2007
An exclamation showing boredome; used in regularity to break the silence; can be considered to cause annoyance, however used more effectively when appreciated by the other party.
Jerry: you bored or some shit?
Tom: BRRRAPppPP yeah, man
by Aaz November 23, 2003

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