Skinny Puppy invented the Term "Brap"

BRAP is basically like Jamming but with Synthesizers instead of Guitars, etc.

BRAP is also the name of Skinny Puppy's Back & Forth 3/4.
"We were Brappin' for hours"

"Brap on!" (Skinny Puppy fan's "goodbye")

(More c0re version of the above)

"I went to the CD store and bought BRAP!"
by Ekim May 05, 2004
The TRUE and ORIGINAL use of the word "brap" came from motocross racers symbolizing their bike's engine, braaaaap, while doing any activity. Hopping off the sidewalk, playing with toy motorcycles, lifting an object etc. The phrase caught on and was knocked off in a way when the sport of motocross became more popular.
I was haulin into the speed bump and I hit it so hard, it was like braaaap
by Chopper April 16, 2004
this is when a certain individual whearing a TN hat becomes stimulated as they see something they want (either taking with or without consent,they will have it). it is said when becoming stimulated in any way usually.
brap brap brap,that gyal is DOPE u ghett me
by magical_trevor April 20, 2006
Exclamation or interjection

1: The sound an ATV or other small gasoline propelled vehicle (usually a snowmobile) makes

2 (usage): Usually sounded off in hallways or public places, meant to draw attention to the fact that snowbobilign season has arrived or will soon begin.

Trav's mom: *sigh*


Trav: (turns into random classroom) Brrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaap
by Pumba December 17, 2004
brap is the process of filling yourself with ilicit substances and making noise
me and my friends get together every weekend with cheap toys and brap out
by phylumsinter July 07, 2004
BRAP is the abbreviation of the Birmingham Race Action Partnership. Chavs adopted this abbrevitation when they want to "big something up". It's commonly used by those who hear good news, or to greet others.
"I got those tickets to AFI last night!"
by Blargle October 22, 2006
The phoenetic word used to describe the primary synth instrument in "The Burly Brawl" by Don Davis & Juno Reactor in The Matrix Reloaded Brawl scene.
Originating from Bakunyu on MFN.
BRAP BRAP BRAP trluitluitluit!!!!
by XRS December 08, 2003
To do something with no firm result in mind, but a belief that the process will be worth it. Go with the flow.
I don't know how this goes, so I'll just brap on it.
by Magpie October 02, 2003
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