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The corporate brainwashing or brandwashing of us all.By big makes or corporations such as Apple, Gucci, Armani and Nike. Who rely on the fact that we will buy things because they have a big name label,or brand, just to fit in with our friends or look cool. They sell products that are supposed to show individuality and coolness factor but we end wearing the same clothes and buying the same big name brands etc.
"Look at my clothes they are well cool they are good make too. And they go well with my nike trainers and my i pod shuffle"! Reply "Man your well brandwashed".
#brandwashed #coroporate brainwashing #consumer culture #corporations #fashion #fads
by Daniel Hooks February 22, 2007
When one believes that a brand-name product is better than a generic product.
Xena paid 400% more for an item of clothing because it had A&F, she is brand-washed.
#advertisement #brain washed #clothes #products #brand watched
by Nafasha January 05, 2010
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