The most faggot name ever.
Brandon Flowers is such a gay-ass name that he had to make a band with an equally retarded name called "the Killers" because they're so super creative and original when it comes to names, such as Brandon Flowers.
by fgsfdsMASTER February 18, 2009
Brandon Flowers: No1 enemy of Pete Wentz!
If Pete Wentz and Brandon Flowers ever had dinner together,it would go this way:
It would be awkward until they both got really drunk,then they'd discuss how they both feel they're a passing fad and will be forgotten about in two years,and then they'll cry and their eyeliner will run and streak,and then they'll sloppilly make out and Pete will suck Brandon off in the bathroom (one of those on-off affairs where you turn on the light and people have to wait in line) and then Pete will blog about it.
Woah,me *thinks* that is a good definition of Brandon Flowers.
Brandon Flowers: the person most likely to steal Ian Watkins crown of "I'm not gay! I just look,talk and act gay!"
by bandanasarerad August 21, 2006

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