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the term used by people who wear brand only clothing to define those who cant afford to wear brand only clothing. brand x clothing can often be bought from cheap ass places like wal-mart, asda, QS and primark.
hahah, i saw you wearing a shirt with no logo on it, hahahah, i believe thats called brand x!
by snypa, February 02, 2006
Lame poster on TNL.

Brand X

Anyone up to play tonite?
Anyone up to play this afternoon?
One day, I'd love to take it up the ass.
Which is why I love the Koenigsegg, sooooooo much power!
by TNL August 19, 2006
Short for Brand X Productions. A promotion company out of Regina, Saskatchewan.
Brand X Productions promotes many genres in Regina.
by CaseClause October 18, 2009
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