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Best emo band I have ever heard. They are amazing, you should see em live. Their best CD is 'Your favorite weapon'. They have deep meaningful lyrics...
Socco Ameretto Line
70 x 7
by jasonresno February 19, 2004
A woman who is sexually turned-out by another woman, then leaves her man to be with that woman.

Originator: Feloni
Yo chick is brand new if she hangs in titty-bars

Yo chick is brand new is she likes menojois toi

Yo chick is brand new if she likes to wear yo drawls

Yo chick is brand new if she leaves you fo a broad
by Feloni June 10, 2005
The best Emo band out there.
I'm going to the Warped tour with TBS and BRAND NEW!
by Patti July 12, 2003
a see EMO band that has songs such as seventy x 7 and soco ameretto lime
brand new rocked your youth
by KATherine May 20, 2003
a band considered unique by those who don't know shit about music & love their ClearChannel radio stations + MTV.
dood brand knew r0x i saw em live wit otha emo bandz omg
by robot April 13, 2004