Gods Balance Of Happiness to mankind After Justin Beiber got big.

in other words..Brand New is Pretty Much the shit
Drunk Dude: So you heard about that queer justin beiber that has pre Menstrual girls lovin his shitty music?

Drunk Woman: Have you heard about this band Brand New That is making Everyone that listens to them want to bow to Jesse Lacey?

Drunk Dude: Whos Jesse Lacey?

Drunk Woman: Gods other Son, and the singer/Guitarist of Brand New

Drunk Dude: O word, im gonna grab another beer and totally check that band out
#jesse lacey #brand new #music #bands #awesome
by BrandNew182 January 12, 2011
When someone is still a virgin
Mike: is Kayla still a virgin?
Corey: yeah she told me and D she was brand new, fresh out the box
#virgin #fresh out the box #di-virgintized #new #raw meat
by chantise_babii_5♥ September 12, 2009
The description of something (e.g. drugs, pussy, booze) being quite good.
"Awwwhhh boys, that gear was brand new!"
-You during a mid-life crisis
#gear #brand #new #elephants #4chan
by Waldo McLukeinstein February 02, 2009
Person A Already Fucked Or "Hit" Person B And Person B Acts Like Person A Didn't.
Don't Act Brand New.
You Ain't Brand New.
I Already Hit That, That Bitch Ain't Brand New.
#brand new #brand-new #brand-nu #already hit #already fucked
by Miss Brown November 24, 2007
Acting brandnew is when you screw up something that you should full well know how to do. It can also mean being afraid to do something when all of your other friends are up for the challenge.
" Why you being a bitch? You actin' real Brandnew right now!Or, "How the hell you spilled my drink? Damn, you Brandnew".
#bitch #punk #fuckup #frightened #untrained
by Janeiro Brown April 28, 2006
1. A band that proves that if you take a bunch of shit and throw it together, there are always people to love it. They gained popularity quickly when it became trendy to listen to shitty music that nobody cares about. Considered great songwriters by teenage girls everywhere thanks to pseudo "musicians" prasing them (they suck).

2. The reason for the fall of the Roman Empire

3. Music that traveled though time to cause the extinction of the dinosaurs.

4. A sound so terrible that all of the Justice League, The Avengers, and the Fellowship of the Ring would commit suicide if forced to do battle against it.
Person A: "Who is the shittiest band ever?"

Person B: "Well that would have to be Brand New."

"Today I discovered the cure for cancer, but I heard a song by Brand New and I realize that the human race is no longer worth it."
#shit #bullshit #shitty music #bitches #hercules
by Philip Fenix March 04, 2010
Best emo band I have ever heard. They are amazing, you should see em live. Their best CD is 'Your favorite weapon'. They have deep meaningful lyrics...
Socco Ameretto Line
70 x 7
by jasonresno February 19, 2004
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