A request or demand (depending on the tennor of the voice of the requestee), in which one party requests that another goes to the fridge and grabs him or her a new beer.

Note: When a brand-new is requested, it is uncouth to not comply with the request.
"Dude, Brand-New"
by mp2009 February 02, 2009
Something really new or Something what is going to be released very soon.
We're very pleased to report that Shakira will release her brand new album "The sun comes out"
by jace87 October 18, 2010
I hate emo music but for some reason i really like brand new. i dont even know if they are emo...

Songs like "Soco Amaretto Lime" and "The quiet things that no one ever knows" are just so good.
Jay: Brand New Sucks
Dave: ...wow
by Peter V. December 08, 2005
you think ur the best. like ur better
brand new fresh out the box..like a brand new Tv.ur better then the others.. so u tell someone to quit actin brand new like they are hot stuff
by Juicybk December 30, 2009
any1 who hates brand new should go shoot themselves rite now cos life aint worth living unless u love them.
fucken hell brand new are bloody amazing get there album! it fucken kicks assss best cd i hav eva bought ...seriously! GO GET IT n to all u losers out there who dont like them FUCK OFF.
by flo July 29, 2004
something that hasn't existed for a long period of time, it is fresh, not old
hey look at these brand new muffins i just baked them now!
by Theresa July 03, 2004
Acting like each moment is brand new or like every time you meet someone they are the love of your life.
Two soccer moms chatting before picking up their girls from practice :

Betty: OMG Lisa, look at that pervert, it's like he's brand new every time one of the girls passes by.

Betty: OMG your right and look at him rubbing himself, barf me out, I'm going to report this asshole.

Lisa: Word!
by ~ SloppySilver ~ September 16, 2010
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