i abso-fucking-loutly love Brand New. I'd do anything to see them live. Brand New & Taking Back Sunday <3 Also, I don't care what all the anti-emo people out there say :) IF WE WANNA LISTEN TO THESE BANDS THEN WE GOD DAMN WILL!
Brand New own my heart
by Beth February 21, 2005
Brandnew is when someone acts as if they are the shit and better than someone else. It could also be used to described a person who used to act one way but now acts totally differnt.
" I don't know why that bitch wanna act all brandnew now that she got a man."
by Cherry* August 26, 2006
brand new is/was always classified in more of the indie scene and unlike EMO, jesse lacey actually writes about real life experience and doesnt complain about his mistakes or those very experiences.there sound is quite similiar to that of the smiths. jesse lacey is the deepest most profound song writer out there and i admire him for his guts and making it thru tuff sergeries and relationships JESSE LACEY IS MY HERO the best thing for brand new is to stay low key because no one wants them getting popular, so emo crowds can pretend to be "profound", instead of depressed and insane.
brand new fan: i love this song "play crack the sky"
emo kid: oo whats that can i hear?
emo kid: **wimpers** ...maybe ill do that.
by deelucy August 23, 2006
Too good for something or somebody. Thinks they're better than they really are.
"That fool came around acting brand new and i was finna slap him in tha head."
by joshhall30 April 29, 2009
pretending you know nothing about what someone is talkin about.
sue: hey what is going on wit ur bf sara?

amy: i have no idea what your talking about

sue: don't act brand new- i know she talks to you about everything- whats up?
by J-HO 1984 August 24, 2009
The best band on the face of the Earth.

fuck all you who apose.
Jesus fuck, Brand new are Lyrical Gods!
by Kyle March 15, 2004
EPIC band.
If you haven't yet heard them, you've been living with a giant gaping hole in your brain. 'Nuff Said. You can't put a label on them, they're just too good.
Kind of the major religion where i grew up.
Dumbass: Watcha listening to?
Kid: Brand New.
Dumbass: Brand New what?
Kid: Please leave the way you came out.
Dumbass: I Like Souljah Boy!
Kid: That explains it. Leave.
by chippednailsxx December 05, 2008
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