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by jeeeyuh December 20, 2006
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Bram Stoker is used to describe french cognac such as Grand Marnier and D.O.M. B&B Benedictine. The reason is because of the bottle's old european design. In addition, it also features the old "Candle Wax" stamp from back in the centuries, which is decorated on the bottles. In the movie Dracula, the wax stamp is used to seal mail letters. The liquer is thick also like blood, especially if it's not frozen. It's a very smooth drink, which strong enough but easy going to get you on a high where you are very aware and cool, instead of being retardly drunken.
I'm about to be on that Bram Stoker tonight". "I was gone of that Bram Stoker and I felt like I was levitating to the other side of the room.
by Snell St. Claire November 07, 2010
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