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A word meaning, When one, usually a female with large breasts otherwise known as boobs}, tit, knockers, {ta-ta's], twins, chi-chi's, or boobies, goes out in public not wearing the correct support needed to hold those babies in, and could possibly be sagging a bit. This person could accidentally fall or might possibly attemp to run, jog, or sprint, scaring people because they are a braless titti monster
1.) Steve - Oh man, did you see that girl trying to run to not miss the bus?

Mike- Yeah, she was a braless titti monster

2.) Bettina - Oh my god Krista, I totally forgot to put on a bra before going to the grocery store!

Krista - Wow. You look like a braless titti monster
by Krista aka Shelia April 26, 2008
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