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To da fay gay with something. In simple words, it's actually meaning to masturbate.
Man, that guy goes to the boy's restroom and brakejob everyday.
by wergud March 02, 2008
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To fuck a good girl who does not like anal. While doing so, you must place her in the doggy-style position and fuck her vaginally until the moment just before reaching climax. Hence, the name, "brake job". After stopping and making her think you have blown your load already, you must then pull out and slam it in her ass. Remember to be quick...and accurate. Most guys only get one chance. but there have been exceptions. Hold on tight and finish fuckig her until you bust your nut right in her anal cavity. Then, and only then, will you join the ranks of the brake job elite.
Nigga' knew she was a slut, so he had his boy hide in the closet to videotape the attempted brake job. Once he got in her ass, she went crazy and got away. She hit the door quicker than a baby fetus out of my potato gun. He is not a brake job master.
by Jon Mundy September 04, 2007
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