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1. Food that allegedly improves the functions of the brain. Example: fish (Omega 3 fatty acids)
2. Food that resembles a brain (less popular)
Fish is really great brain food - it can improve brain functions especially in children.

Walnut meat looks like a brain and it helps the brain function - double brain food!
by Garpike April 22, 2010
Information that feeds intellectual craving.
Did you know that the average lightning bolt is hotter than the surface of the sun? How's that for some brainfood?

"Holy cow man, my chemistry final is huge! I've had so much brainfood today that I'm shitting out of my ears."
by jonny tightlips May 13, 2010
Another word for weed, dope, or marijuana. Often times associated with concerts or music events.
What be it brah, you bring the brain food for that Marley concert?
by Garblegonk August 20, 2009
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