A sad hopeless piece of shit town with pigs(police) that are physically abusing their jobs by asking young girls for sex and attacking males for bad reputation.
guy1: Dude that cop just took me behind the car and beat me!

guy2: What did you do?

guy1: Nothing, man I hate Braidwood.

guy2: Me too.
by camel2000 May 13, 2011
Top Definition
A sad hopeless little town town in illinois with a population of less than 1000. 5 black kids who have nothing going for them and the other 995 racist pot smoking bastards who also have nothing goming for them are all going to die one day and the town will disapeer. So my highest reguards to you town as I have moved onto bigger and better things..........

Yo, isnt Braidwood so gay?
Ya, ya it is..........
Ah whatever lets go smoke a bong
by anonymousb92 January 14, 2008
the town where Nick Zarecki lives, he is awesome. And super good looking too.
Isn't Braidwood awesome?

Yeah, so is Nick Zarecki.
by charlesbarkley September 23, 2008
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