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An annoying Facebook status update in which an insecure person consistantly boasts or brags about ones life, husband, children, animals, turd size, ect. in order to impress others and convince themselves of their fantasy life because they suck in the real world.
EXAMPLE: "Look at Buffy's status, she's a bragbooking fool! Didn't her momma teach her anything?"
BUFFY: My life is PERFECT, I have the BEST husband in the world and the smartest kids who do no wrong! I love you Mack!!!
by JesandHeather February 04, 2010
Bragging about needless shit on facebook that people could care less about. Trying to build yourself up because your life is, in truth, a pathetic excuse to breath. Bragbooking may be punishable by death in some countries. Bragbooking can be found so annoying by some that their heads may explode is madness. Bragbooking is currently being considered to be made illegal worldwide.
Stop bragbooking on facebook you dick.
by ispeakthruth February 03, 2010
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