An asshole who can get any girl he wants.
"whoa that chick is HAAWWWT"
"forget her man, you ain't no brad pitt"
by kufu September 25, 2007
To get away with just about anything
Joe Shmoe: Hey guys, lets get some beers!
John Doe: Dude, we're only 17...we cant.
Joe Shmoe: Psh...Gotta Brad Pitt that shit.
by kalashman November 21, 2005
The most gorgeous man on this planet who doesnt even need to be a good actor because he is so good looking, but he is. He left Jennifer Aniston to be with Molly because he realized that she is much better looking and that she would give him the children Jennifer would not. He is so amazing and wonderful and I heart him.
Brad Pitt left Jennifer Aniston for Molly and now they are getting married and will make beautiful children.
by Mollyyy June 21, 2005
A limited actor whose abilities are overshadowed by his overrated looks. Brad Pitt is completely overrated in every sense of the word. He's gotten famous for 'being Brad Pitt' not for being a good actor. There are plenty of men more talented and better looking than him, but are not famous by mere virtue of choices.

Look at his filmography and you'll see a number of fluffy blockbuster movies that have been bashed by critics and recognized as bad movies by anyone with half a brain i.e. Meet Joe Black, Ocean's Eleven and Twelve, the upcoming Mr. and Mrs Smith etc. The roles and performances in those movies are horrific. He's a movie star, calling him an actor only dilutes the meaning for those it DOES actually apply to.

He's another generic blond - one of many in Hollywood that's completely overrated for NO reason whatsoever. If he had any substance, I would understand the hype around him, but he lacks that as well as intelligence.

He hasn't done anything worthwhile recently to be given the title 'actor.' He's just another 'a-lister' who's absolutely worthless.
Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston both share the same ugly attributes - beady little eyes, weird noses that don't fit their faces (especially Jen), huge jutting jaws. Why people find them attractive is beyond me. One is known for his pretty boy looks and the other for having great hair. Spare me!
by ps March 23, 2005
The patron saint and putative Godfather of the viral shock video stemming from his cameo in the cult movie Fight Club. In it Pitt discusses what happens if one farts in a meringue pie, adding that it absorbs the smell so it won't stink up the room.
Brad Pitt is renowned worldwide of hatching a monster by discussing the merits of farting into baked goods on his famous Fight Club flick
by Dick Peter Johnson-Suarez July 19, 2011
An actor that is easily so good looking he could pass for gay.

He was born in rural Springfield, Missouri, and actually spent his life being the outdoorsman he plays in many of his movies.

A man over 40 with perfect abs, blonde hair and buns of steel. Someone Hitler would have been strongly attracted to sexually.

Went from having the grunge look with long girly hair in the 90s to being more spiked up and "macho" in later years.

Is in a contrived relationship with actress Angelina Jolie, who is part black.
Brad Pitt gets all the girls, but he really wants all the boys.
by Assex 776 September 17, 2007
A highly over rated, overpaid Hollywood actor with marginal talent and limited range whose success is largely contingent on his physical appearance, several off screen romantic relationships(with other minimally talented actresses) and his ability to draw intellectually vapid females to the box office for movies they wouldn’t otherwise watch. (ie...Seven years in Tibet, 12 Monkeys, Fight Club etc…)
Brad: Hey Julie, do you wanna go see Brad Pitt’s new movie? It’s about an Austrian mountain climber that becomes friends with the Dalai Lama in the 1940’s Chinese takeover..?
Julie: Ooooh yeah!!

Mark: Amber, wanna rent Fight Club?
Amber: What’s that about?
Mark: Umm…it’s about a man’s rejection of a consumeristic and narcissistic society that deprives him of his humanity.
Amber: sounds really boring.
Mark: Brad Pitt is in it.
Amber: oooh yeah! I’ll watch.
by Pedantic Twit April 21, 2006
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