having a shit, i.e. rhyming slang
i'm off to have a brad pitt
by phil peers August 01, 2007
Subtle way of talking about arm pits

If you were around a group of friends and your crush was there, you're not exactly going to want to burst out 'I'VE GOT SWEATY ARMPITS', so instead you can say that brad pitt is spitting or something. clever no?
can also be said on first name terms.. i.e. brad, brad's, bradley's
person 1- how hot are they?!
person 2- oh so hot
person 1- yeah
person 2- shame about those brad pitts
person 1- yeah

girl 1- shit i forgot my razor
girl 2- shit!
girl 1- now everyone is going to see brad's hair!
by fuckingfartalot December 17, 2011
Meaning the word armpits.
"I've got right sweaty brad pitts."
by Jon Warham June 09, 2007
To go to the toilet and take a shyt.
I ate a really big curry last night and this morning I took a Brad Pitt
by Dragan888 March 06, 2008
"B.R.A.D P.I.T.T" was the codename given to one of the A merican Government's cyborgs that they used to infiltrate hollywood. They used them to target members of the acting community who posed a threat to their empire, or who appeared to inspire too much conflict in the American Population, regarding their laws and rule.

"Bionic Robot Aiming for Directors, Picking out Individuals and Terminating Them" was designed to dispose of anybody in the media who posed a threat to the US governemnt

Not to be confused with the T.O.M.C.R.U.I.S.E a cyborg from the United States Tourism Board that was the result of sponsored research conducted by the famous Palo Alto (from the Hopi Indian words for White and High) research facility into the effects of wood alcohol on congnitive functioning in mid level project managers.

Needless to say that after 13.25 months and $15 Billion in Defense department funding the prototype was found to be redundant due to the unrecognized flaw in the Project Managers strategy, that is the collapse of the Evil Empire...

Tiresome Ovid Machine Construct Rarely Used In Side Europe
Say "HI" to Brad Pitt!
by kodiac1 July 04, 2006
Cockney Rhyming Slang for "shit"
explanation: In London, England the londoners use rhyming slang such as "Apples n Pears" = stairs, plates = feet (plates of meat).

some would dispute the term is legitimate but cockneys also use the term "tom tit" and "william pitt" to mean "shit"
It is largely a matter of preference.
wife: "ello darlin hows your day at the office been"?

Husband: "Not bad luv, but Ill tell yer about it in a minute
as I'm burstin fer a Brad Pitt"
by Bradley Pitticus April 21, 2006
used instead of the word 'shit'
teacher: "You failed your pop quiz."
student: "Aww, Brad Pitt!"
by rdaugh December 03, 2007

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