Similar to a gauntlet, the bracer is a form of forearm armor used primarily by swordsmen, designed to catch blows with their off hand. Unlike a gauntlet, the bracer neither covers the hand, nor slides over the hand like a glove, but instead clasps on the underside of the arm via straps or has a slit through which the arm can be inserted.

Greek variants of the bracer often extended past the wrist with a V-shaped piece of bronze to guard the back of the hand. This variant was later adapted into a weapon by extending the guard beyond the knuckles, giving the user the ability to - quite literally - punch a hole through their enemies.
The bracer is superior to the gauntlet because it leaves the fingers free.
by Avelon May 22, 2005
Top Definition
An alcoholic drink taken to steady the nerves
Old Alcoholic: The ex is stopping in today with her social worker--time for a little bracer.
by Dr. Foo July 15, 2008
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