In Dirac Notation of quantum mechanics, the representation of a state. The complex conjugate of a ket. Denoted as <f| where f can be a wave function or a set of quantum numbers. Analogous to a row vector in linear algebra. The name originates from separating a bracket ( <f|f'> ) into a bra ( <f| ) and a ket ( |f'> ).
<nlm| is a bra representation of the Hydrogen atom with quantum numbers n, l, and m.
by Artin March 01, 2006
A device that holds a girls boobs in place.
Push ups- makes small boobs look Bigger.
Maranda- OMG! Did you see that new push up bra i got?! It totally makes my A look like a C

Candy-OMG noo wayy! THERE SO HUGE!
by haileyxrawr March 19, 2009
It's what those silly commercials are trying to push as slang. Bra means someone who supports you when you have breast cancer. Just some old people trying to come up with slang. Marketing mumbo-jumbo. But do support breast cancer!
He is my bra because he has been with me throughout this whole ordeal.
by superstar26 October 30, 2007
Word used by Johnny in the movie Surf Ninjas to implicate brother or friend.
What's happening bra?
by golfman14 April 23, 2006
A cooler way of saying "bro."
Duane "dog" Chapman: Listen Bra, you gotta go to your court dates! Alright, cuff em' Beth!
by The Spencinater December 20, 2005
A weird "Ghetto" saying for the word "Bro".
What's good bra?
Nothing, just chillin bra.
by Feross October 24, 2007
A very good friend. The word is derived from the word brother.
"Brett is my closest bra."
by Luc Petersen September 03, 2005
a girl who's like one of the guys, the girl version of bro
joe: sup bra?
ally: not much dude
by zooeyville January 04, 2009

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