In Dirac Notation of quantum mechanics, the representation of a state. The complex conjugate of a ket. Denoted as <f| where f can be a wave function or a set of quantum numbers. Analogous to a row vector in linear algebra. The name originates from separating a bracket ( <f|f'> ) into a bra ( <f| ) and a ket ( |f'> ).
<nlm| is a bra representation of the Hydrogen atom with quantum numbers n, l, and m.
by Artin March 01, 2006
A female undergarment whose sole purpose is to deceive men.
Bob was incredibly excited to finally see his busty new girlfriend only find that her undergarments were of the "supporting" variety. Foiled, once the bra.
by 2 guys and a dog March 25, 2010
Someone who supports you and holds you up. A close friend.
You are my bra.
by Casthecchica May 25, 2009
over the shoulder boulder holders. boobie baskets.

and..a leash to keep my puppies taimed
nobody likes looking at your sagger tities. get an over the shoulder boulder holder! :D (bra)
by rikki&karlie January 01, 2009
battle ready armour
she put on her bra then went to battle
by lalafas November 26, 2011
Womens' undergarment to support the breasts. Shortened form of the more archaic 'brassiere'.

An over shoulder boulder holder.

An upper decker flopper stopper.
My wife's tits are so big her bra is designed on the same principals of engineering as the Forth Bridge.
by ramsay tupper May 23, 2005
garment worn both as an undergarment to support the breasts. This can also be worn as a top itself.
Her bra matches her red nail polish.
by Franci white December 09, 2007
A girl who acts like a bro, but is obviously a girl. Has many variations such as a pushup bra (those who try to maintain their femininity) or a sports bra (those who don't mind being considered a guy sans the male genitialia).
Sydney F is a total sports bra ever since she took pe softball class so seriously.

Yeah, well Christine Con might work for the baseball team, but she is still a total push-up bra.
by Not Taken By Someone Else August 05, 2009

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