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Meaning to be physically drained of energy after a rave or after being under the influance of alcohol/drugs.

Common phrase 'bozzed out' also used.
"Dave was really bozzed this morning after that night with the boys"

"Luke was bozzed out when i saw him that eavning"
by Hazmo April 09, 2006
Drunk, pissed, intoxicated.
"You were bozzed up last night mate!"
by sargerock81 May 03, 2009
Acting Sick on Xbox live the gettin owned by AI or another player in a noobish position.

****originated by a player who was playing Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 who was clearing house in terrorist hunt then got shot in the head by someone behind a car
hes sick at this

no wait he just got Bozzed

by pinguness February 13, 2009
When your good friend asks, with sincerity, to see your sandal & with hesitation, you hand it over. Before you can even think he slaps you across the face with it as hard as he can then throws it as far as he can. Still stunned, his girl then smacks you across the face.
"Last weekend we were so wasted we Bozzed our friend and he got so pissed he drove home. What a bitch."
by Lil' Jensen August 06, 2011
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