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When a man who puts on clown make up and has sex with a woman, he goes down on her, tosses her salad for a bit then puts his nose in her asshole.
"I'm bozo, honk honk"
by Raw Doggy May 09, 2010
The side pubes that show while wearing a speedo or banana hammock. Plagues men and women alike. The side pubes look like Bozo the clown put a pair of underwear over his head.
Dude trim those pubes, you have a total bozo with that mankini you are wearing.
by Makaha May 25, 2014
Sometimes affectionately used for someone who is funny, but embarrasing.
laughing Eueginio is a bozo, but man I love him.
by Nwet January 13, 2005
1.Very dressed up girl, big hair, fake lashes, fake tan, like an Essex girl but not used in a derogatory way

2. Can also be used to describe a posh area/place

3. Opposite of Bonty
1. "that girl is so bozo"

2. "The restaurant was very bozo"

3. "what look are you going for, Bozo or Bonty?"
by McMinty November 15, 2012
1. an ugly, fat, disgusting, repulsive, and all around retarted person.

2. any bozo is usually clueless of his ugly status, and very much resembles a troll.

3. can never get a date to save his life
4. is prone to a quite heavy accent
1. oh my GOD, he is SUCH a bozo!
2. EW, gross what a bozo
3.fhfhVhefgiwegLkhjfsdhfijhuAdfhdkifhdhDdhfhsdfIjhkdhMsjfkjsfhIdjfkdjfhRgrfhferui his ugliness is SO grotesque, hes gotta be a bozo!
by hanneliploo January 08, 2010
1. nasty clown
2. dumb person
3. person who needs 2 wax their bikini line
P1: what u want?
P2: nuttin
P1: then what you call me for? damn bozo
by Sw33tNYCandie July 26, 2009
when a girl is having her period while a guy eats her out but she doesn't tell him, thus when he comes up he has a mouth like Bozo the Clown
"I bozoed him last night"


"She totally bozoed me when we were messing around!"
by Robin1969 March 26, 2008