bite my bozo = bite my butt
by jonah October 23, 2003
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An incompetent person, especially in new companies. Bozos have a net negative effect on morale and profits, and everyone knows it.
I first heard this specific meaning of "bozo" during a talk to business students by one of Yahoo's founders.
Q: "What's the most important thing to do in order to grow your company from 10 employees to 100 or 1000?"
A: "Get rid of the bozos. Seriously, fire them immediately."
by perConcordiamVictoria February 09, 2005
Any person trying to occupy the same space as me at the same time. Often applied to other drivers and downhill skiers.

Inspired by TV police dispatchers saying, "See the citizen at First and Main" when they would rather say, "See the bozo at first and main." Then applied to skiers, then to everyone.

Often shortened to BZ.
Watch out for that bozo!

That bozo just cut me off!

That bozo stole my parking space!

Get out of the way, you bozo!
by Cable Hills March 19, 2007
1. n. A specific cartoon TV clown from the 50s and 60s, originally in B&W.

2. n. Any old clown.

3. n. Annoying person.

4. n. A chat or message board troll.

5. n. A feature of About and Delphi Forums, and some other Prospero Technologies message boards that allows a moderator to surreptitiously silence a bozo (3).

6. v. To use the bozo feature on a message board; p.t., bozoed. Bozoed is also the adj. describing the condition of one subjected to the bozo feature.
Don't obsess about Bozo the Clown in a Sci Fi forum, you bozo, or you'll get bozoed!
by Downstrike September 28, 2004
Someone who is intentionally irritating.
That person tailgating me is a real Bozo.
by Clark Clifford August 30, 2003
George W. Bush is the epitome of the category of human known as bozo.
GWB had just enough of a clue to be dangerous and way too little forethought to have considered the ramifications of his actions and the ultimate folly of his policies. He is the ultimate bozo.
by Vocal Reason February 19, 2009
A man that brags about "size matters" then grows a gut large enough he can barely see his large cock.
Wow! He was always talking about size matters. Now his gut is so big that when he whips out his cock, he can barely see it. What a bozo!!!

clown joker boor bumpkin buffoon
by bentryin September 29, 2013
Any incompetent government bureaucrat,
especially a politician.
Go to any government office, and you'll
run into at least 1 bozo.
by drtom March 15, 2009

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