1. a person that likes to run, and doesnt like people getting on his fucking back
2. a true fuckhead in every sense of the word
"Damn bozek we arent on your back, we are just bored"
"Wow you are such a bozek"
by Logan & Georgi July 03, 2006
Top Definition
A large enormous penis

"Grab your bozek" has been used in multiple rap/Hip Hop lyrics.

"I gave it a wack, she gave it a jack, yeah I'm talking about my bozek"
by Isabelle B. August 23, 2007
3. One who tolerates narrow-minded individuals.
"He was such a bozek in his dealings with the loud neighbors." (can replace "saint" in common usage)
by Lawrence Bozek October 18, 2008
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