the most lovely boyfriend in the world who is sexy, gorgeous and funny. and a brill mate as well.boz meaning(legend)
bob marley is a boz
by faye and bryony March 05, 2004
Verb: The act of being loved by many, especially by the opposite sex in a sexual way.
Alternate deffinition: Being good at everything you ever try, someone that is good at everything.
Verb: "I'm tellin', that girl is bozing me hard"
"I'm boz at this game dude!"
#boz #bozzing #bozzie c #bozinator #bozzed
by Bozzie C November 01, 2009
a synonym for booze.
I'm off to the bozzer for some boz.
#beer #alcohol #booze #drink #bar #pub #bozzer
by bozzer_definer July 01, 2006
the feeling you get when you're not sure if you need to laugh or poop
"Hahah man... I'm having a Boz"

"Do you need to use the bathroom?"

"Nah I'll wait... see how it rolls later on"
#constipation #poo #turd #laughter #hilarious
by l0uz0r April 20, 2006
A toolbox or a comebag.
You are such a boz sometimes!
#tool #scumbag #loser #jerk #meany
by DPar October 05, 2005
A "boz" or "bozza" is a girl.

This can refer to your friends (Females) or girlfriend.

Can also be used towards girls who you hate, hate at the time or any girl being difficult and annoying (see example 3)

The word "Boz" was brought to my attention by a freind of mine, called Jake. He always used to call "shit" Boz or borry. EG taking a BORRY (taking a shit).
Then he came up with this lovely Title for a girl.

Once used a few times, it makes all the sense!


Some additions are - Bozzerific and Boznick
" oi where is the Boz tonight? "

" Are you with the Bozza'z yet? "

" Man she is such a Bozza! "

" oi Boz come here "
#boz #bozz #bozza #bozzerific #boznick
by Juleside December 03, 2006
To be so totally wasted as to appear to require medical assistance.
I was completely bozzed at the Good Vibrations festival.
by Oridata April 07, 2004
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