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A promising writer at the beginning of his or her literary career. Usually they stop being a 'boz' after the publication of their third novel or memoir.

It is derived from the pen-name of Charles Dickens, under which he published works such as "Oliver Twist".

Pronounced 'bowz'.
Dave Eggers will not be a Boz for long; He is writing his third book.
by Steepo June 17, 2006
To cruise around with no general destination, possibly drink or smoke in your vehicle.
Let's just boz around for a little while...
by kedo6 February 06, 2010
boz is the scientific name given to a boy when they become world champions in either chess or debating. Also, a person by the name of boz is also known for his mathamatic ability and love of physics. Boz is on first name terms with all teachers, especially biology and maths teachers.
Singdanger: gee boz, wouldnt it be great to be able to attend that chess tornament thats being played in Vladistok, russia at the moment???
Boz: yes it would singdanger, but you know our commitments to physics outweigh all other activities we partake in.
Singdanger:yeh, your right, perhaps we should commence our study on quantem physics.
Boz:ok, ok, just let me finish this essay on the guberman-drought theorem.
by singdanger September 30, 2006
the most lovely boyfriend in the world who is sexy, gorgeous and funny. and a brill mate as well.boz meaning(legend)
bob marley is a boz
by faye and bryony March 05, 2004
An old dying cat which has to be put down due to his excellent service in the great cat war of tickerty two
The cat was such a boz! WOAHH BOZ
by JONZATRON February 11, 2010
Verb: The act of being loved by many, especially by the opposite sex in a sexual way.
Alternate deffinition: Being good at everything you ever try, someone that is good at everything.
Verb: "I'm tellin', that girl is bozing me hard"
"I'm boz at this game dude!"
by Bozzie C November 01, 2009
When a situation or thing has gone completely to shit.
Alex: So I got my results from the doctors...I got herpes man.

Ray: Oh that's boz.


"Guess what guys? 3000 word essay due tommorow!"
"That's so freakin' boz!"
by no_need October 29, 2008