A shitty, alternative, emo band claiming to be punk wearing TAPs (tight ass pants) so that little 12 year old pubescent girls can go to their shows ignoring the good bands and then post a shit load of myspace bullitens exclaming how close they were to them.
Basically another band hurting what people can call good music and punk rock in this world today.
Jim: Hey man did you hear the new Boys Like Girls album?

Steve: Thats just lame man

Jim: Well...(long pause trying to come up with a clever and orginal comeback) your gay!! (Using the word "gay" as an insult because to be "pUnK rAwK" you have to be homophobic)
by The Emissions November 10, 2007
Probably the most monotonous vaginas with guitars that ever whined about how bad their life is. People who listen to Boys Like Girls often identify themselves as "punk" or "scene," but what they really are is a bunch of prepubescent teenage bitches who don't know what true punk rock is. Stop fucking shopping at Hot Topic and listening to these vaginas, and start listening to some good shit like old Brand New, old Taking Back Sunday, Bayside, The Living End, and old Blink-182.
Bobby: Hey did you see the Boys Like Girls concert last night?
Ryan: You mean the Boys Like Cock concert? Nope, sorry I missed it. Did they happen to shave their vaginas on stage?
Bobby: Shutup Ryan. Boys Like Girls is underground and scene just like Fall Out Boy and Cute is what we aim for.
by theguy1021 March 08, 2008
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