other males of social/ drinking group, esp. in Wales.
No connotations of immaturity or condescension
c'mon boyz lets get the pints in
by rhys August 18, 2003
To Boy someone is to make them feel stupid or humiliate them. UK street slang.
Bully: 'Yo, dickhead, tie up my laces for me!'

Victim: 'OK sir.....(ties up 1's laces)'

Passer By: 'Ha! You just got boy-d!'
by Kilo Lobo July 01, 2003
Pronounced bo-ah. This is the original Philly way of sayin it. It's not said in two syllables, but crushed together as one.
W'ssup boy (bo-ah)?
by KoolDaddy June 19, 2003
slang for friend, buddy, nigga
you know dat nigga?
yea dats ma boy

wut you up to later?
chillin wit my boy
by Jack PP May 19, 2007
only for one thing and you know what
oh yeah *wink wink*
by G December 02, 2003
A word to describe a mate.
*Pat* Hey boy!!
*Margret* Hows it hangin child!!
*Pat* Great mate like a plate!
by LiL*Mi$$ July 16, 2005
boy: opposite of girl; easily entertained by the "ping-ing" sound of fingers flicked against a hard bra.
-sigh- That boy...what can I say?
by seetheinvisiblegirl September 26, 2010

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