Pronounced bo-ah. This is the original Philly way of sayin it. It's not said in two syllables, but crushed together as one.
W'ssup boy (bo-ah)?
by KoolDaddy June 19, 2003
A popular teenage phrase said before flaming another person
Bob: Shutup bitch
by Hehehehehehehehchsiznfbehd April 02, 2016
Response to when your friends are being dumbasses; sayin some dumb shit. To which the hand of choice should reach up in a high five motion with your palm toward your cheek, and finger tips forced toward the person you are "boying"
Friend: Yo what's Obama's last name?
You: ....Boy!👆👉

Friend: Bruh I want my first daughter to be a girl
You: ....Boy!👆👉
by DatKidYouKnow March 17, 2016
slang for friend, buddy, nigga
you know dat nigga?
yea dats ma boy

wut you up to later?
chillin wit my boy
by Jack PP May 19, 2007
your crew , posse , homies. your set of mates your real tight with.
me and the "boys" were rolling deep the other night at the club.
by physiKARL August 09, 2005
a word that my friend ben cant write a deffination for... also known as the young portion of the male species. usually, quite fun to hang out, not date excessively! oh, yeah and guys are guys, not slaves, or wallet, or cars..... you get the point. often not understood by girls
*girl* so do you like think i should ask this boy out. huh?
*boy* (sighs and continues doing whatever he was doing)i think you should just be friends (really thinking: duh! you should go out with me!)
*girl* you are SO weird, i just dont get you!
*boy* (laughs)
by Short Stuf (again) July 25, 2004
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