To mean good or excellent referring to both people and things
'He is the fucking boy at airhockey.'
'You know that seafood buffet? it's the boy'
by zing September 17, 2003
your crew , posse , homies. your set of mates your real tight with.
me and the "boys" were rolling deep the other night at the club.
by physiKARL August 09, 2005
1. A term pedophiles use for their victims.

2. A name for a slave

by Tony ramone June 18, 2005
A male. A child under 18 with a penis and testicals
That boy had big nuts.
by Haleigh April 12, 2005
Slang for one GBP (£1) traditionally used in the plural form.
"There's over 100 boys here! 100 boys!"
by Off-beazy March 02, 2005
a word that my friend ben cant write a deffination for... also known as the young portion of the male species. usually, quite fun to hang out, not date excessively! oh, yeah and guys are guys, not slaves, or wallet, or cars..... you get the point. often not understood by girls
*girl* so do you like think i should ask this boy out. huh?
*boy* (sighs and continues doing whatever he was doing)i think you should just be friends (really thinking: duh! you should go out with me!)
*girl* you are SO weird, i just dont get you!
*boy* (laughs)
by Short Stuf (again) July 25, 2004
What I consider my boss to be.
Richey and Larry are my boys, my sons.
by Saints November 06, 2003

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