A young person with male genitalia.
The parents were scared when the boy hurt himself on a hurdle.
by Enrique Wilson April 10, 2015
An alternative way of saying 'Goodbye' or 'Bye'
The opposite of Hoy.
Mary: Hoy!
Jen: Hoy!
Mary: Oh g2g Boy!
Jen: Boy!
by HmmfCreator June 04, 2009
1- Slang used in some regions of Northeast in Brazil to describe a boy, of course, but also girl.

2- Someone who you don't know about neither his/her name, you call him "boy"(Speaking in portuguese), or if he is not too tall, a little boy for example, usually call him boyzinho

Male= Boy, Boyzinho
Female= Boy, Boyzinha
O boy caiu( The boy fell)-> I don't know anything about him
Tua boy me disse que tu é broxa(Your girl told me your dick don't stand up)
Aquele boyzinho está me abusando(That little boy is bodering me)
by Kicabeca February 17, 2013
One (somewhat obscure) usage of this word is to use it as a replacement for the noun in a sentence or a question.The noun could be money,drugs, a food item, or indeed anything.This usage is often only used between close groups of friends, as it can prove to be very confusing to the unenlightened listener.
"how many boys you got mattfest?"
"Ive got ten boys"
"Ive got plenty of boys for this weekend"
"aww never, Ive got no boys"
by pineapple joe January 09, 2009
word used when something of great importance goes your way!
usually used in conjunction with gun fingers...
dean: "i bought you 10 frau luke!"
luke: "BOY!!!!"
by lukey boy! March 06, 2008
What white men used to call niggers.
Boy, you ain't never gonna be nuthin' but a no-good nigger.
by the original ballhauler May 08, 2006
slang for your penis, kinda like when somebody calls it 'little me'
Stick your boy into that slut's cunt.
by B-Ville August 24, 2005

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