Another word for Penis. Commonly used by Trevor Phillips in Grand Theft Auto V.
I'm Gonna stick my Boy in your eye and It will come out of your ear !!
by Isaac Rothstein February 05, 2014
A complicated animal that shows no emotions towards you whatsoever.
Boys ignore you completely and act like they don't know you.
by Asdfghjkl;' September 18, 2013
- a friend whos like a brother
-blood brother
-someone whos there for you whenever you need them the most
-shows the most respect for/towards you all the time
-always has your back
-trusted and loved
- "yooo thats my boy eddie"
by AJ Holland July 09, 2010
again same person here clearifying the difference between a man and a boy
a boy is an emotional little child still growing up and still needs guidence from everyone around him and needs attention from everyone around him
doesnt know how to treat a person let alone a woman
usualy found in the shoping carts trying to pop a wheely
sadly we all start their to become men
this boy is still crying because some girl dumped him
by rupenski November 27, 2009
A sexual term. A male's butt. Usually used in the federal penitentiary.
Dude was feeling kinda' lonely, so he was gonna' see if he could get a piece of that boy.
by remybodean October 26, 2009
An alternative way of saying 'Goodbye' or 'Bye'
The opposite of Hoy.
Mary: Hoy!
Jen: Hoy!
Mary: Oh g2g Boy!
Jen: Boy!
by HmmfCreator June 04, 2009
A male under the age of eighteen.
A child under age 18
by Midnight G. Estes December 15, 2003

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