added at the end of certain words to give added emphasis. Does not denote gender in any way.
"funny boy" - when somethings amusing
"Mental boy" - indicates things are going well (6 Litres of White Lightening Cider for £2.99 at McColls the now - Menal Boy!"
"potent boy" - see potent
"Aww, better stay oot a the way of LAmond. He's on a bad boy the night." - To be on a bad boy is to be in a bad mood.
by anna apple October 12, 2003
word to follow the job or description of a younger and very hot male.
Did you check out Pepsi Boy? Would I like a piece of him...
by annon September 12, 2003
A commonly used nomenclature referring to an African-American male, most typically by elderly white folk and bigot Caucasians who consider themselves better than the aforementioned African-American male. Tantamount to the "N-Word" in this application.
"What' you doin' in this neighborhood, boy?"
"You lost boy?"
"Listen here, boy..."
"Can I help you, boy?"
by Triptofan69 January 19, 2012
Some of the densest fuckers you will EVER meet.
Those boys back there couldnt take a hint! They must be blind.
by Zachhhh April 16, 2014
A world to define ones 'gender' not sex.

Boys do not need to have a penis, and boys do not always play sports either. Boys can be feminine, boys can be masculine. If they call themselves a boy, they're a boy, no questions asked.
"Hey, did you hear about Sarah? She won that super cool trophy yesterday!"
"Oh, you mean Ethan? Ye he totally deserved it."
"He? She's a she?"
"No, respect his pronouns, he's a boy. What's in his pants doesn't matter."
by Dweeb that likes cats June 27, 2015
A human being that often isn't a girl
Person 1: which one?
Person 2: the boy
by LADDY October 14, 2013
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