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1.A young male who lacks maturity, judgment, and anything that has to do with common sense.
2.A sperm donor
3.A heartbreaker
A night with the boys becomes a great quarrel.
by Spencer Silver August 18, 2007
Boys are things that break your heart in two, and you can never really repair the damage they did to you.
He broke my heart, the useless jack@$$!
by dont_break_my_<3 March 05, 2005
added at the end of certain words to give added emphasis. Does not denote gender in any way.
"funny boy" - when somethings amusing
"Mental boy" - indicates things are going well (6 Litres of White Lightening Cider for £2.99 at McColls the now - Menal Boy!"
"potent boy" - see potent
"Aww, better stay oot a the way of LAmond. He's on a bad boy the night." - To be on a bad boy is to be in a bad mood.
by anna apple October 12, 2003
word to follow the job or description of a younger and very hot male.
Did you check out Pepsi Boy? Would I like a piece of him...
by annon September 12, 2003
A commonly used nomenclature referring to an African-American male, most typically by elderly white folk and bigot Caucasians who consider themselves better than the aforementioned African-American male. Tantamount to the "N-Word" in this application.
"What' you doin' in this neighborhood, boy?"
"You lost boy?"
"Listen here, boy..."
"Can I help you, boy?"
by Triptofan69 January 19, 2012
Another word for Penis. Commonly used by Trevor Phillips in Grand Theft Auto V.
I'm Gonna stick my Boy in your eye and It will come out of your ear !!
by Isaac Rothstein February 05, 2014
A complicated animal that shows no emotions towards you whatsoever.
Boys ignore you completely and act like they don't know you.
by Asdfghjkl;' September 18, 2013