something that can make you,sad,angry,fustraded,tired,happy,gladand complete at the same time
I've got a boy
by o0o0*snuglove*0o0o July 07, 2003
1.A young male who lacks maturity, judgment, and anything that has to do with common sense.
2.A sperm donor
3.A heartbreaker
A night with the boys becomes a great quarrel.
by Spencer Silver August 18, 2007
aka male, a man not grown up yet, and is in no relation with the devil,scum,punching bag,and anything else bad, if you mistreat a male, the male will mistreat you.
by penises rule my pussy July 31, 2003
The best thing to ever walk the planet.
Girls are so fucking lame, I wish there were more boys.
by frannyfran July 21, 2009
An objectified word for a boyfriend or male admirer. A boyfriend is a person; a boy is a commodity.

The focus of the context is almost always directed at how the speaker would or does benefit from the boy in an physical rather than an emotional sense.
"I want a backrub. I wish I had a boy to give me one."

"I've got a half dozen boys hanging around, so I know I'll -have- a date - but the guy I really want is Geoff. HOT!"
by KMLK November 13, 2005
1.the one thing that is easy to manipulate, but hard as fuck to get rid of.
2.the one thing in the world that is the best and worst at the same time.
3.the one thing that reminds me how big my ass is.=(, wait, =)
Boys, can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em!
by Jotaku December 22, 2004
Boys are things that break your heart in two, and you can never really repair the damage they did to you.
He broke my heart, the useless jack@$$!
by dont_break_my_<3 March 05, 2005
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