Our mind: Food food food sex food food food sex food food food....
food food food food food food food food food food food sex food.......
by Mike Butler August 31, 2003
the most wonderful things on earth... espesically the sweet ones... and the cute ones... they sometimes turn though and become meanies that make you cry
girl1:oohhh look at those boys over there
girl2: ohh theyre soooo cute... :)
by blondie4495 December 11, 2010
Something that drives girls completely crazy but still love!
Mary Jean loved boys.
by beautifuldisaster November 06, 2006
"hey whats up?" the boy
"oh nothing, how about you?" me
"bye"-the boy

"Are u ok?" A girlfriend
"Im ok..." in a sad voice.. a girl
"Can i no...??" A girlfriend.
"Its Complicated...." the girl.
"SO ITS ABOUT BOYS!!!!" the girlfriend says hahaha
by Audddrie and Hollland :) February 05, 2010
Well-regarded, trusted friend
"You bailed me out, you my boy!"
by Minstrel March 05, 2003
child version of man
I'm 6 thus a boy and not a man
by Conor Daffie November 10, 2006
The best thing to ever walk the planet.
Girls are so fucking lame, I wish there were more boys.
by frannyfran July 21, 2009

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