1. stupid
2. dumb
3. perverted
4. mean
5. && smelly
That boy over there is totally stupid.
Boys are dumb, let's throw rocks at them.
Go take a shower.
by fred* March 30, 2005
an emotion associated with depression, irritation, rage, withdrawal, and sometimes genocidal tendencies.
by yepthatsme June 12, 2003
Boy: A Stupid Ass Hippie Huggin Ho who needs to shut the fuck up and stop thinking constently about getting laid... just face it.. UR NEVER GONNA FUCK! If they are lucky they might actually get some.. but thats kinda rare. A boy is what a man (a guy who has got some) refers to.. in definition.. boys are virgin idiots.. and men are merely boys who have been laid at least once.. in perspective.. they are pretty much the same, only one has fucked and the other is still a virgin.. I only wonder why chicks are defined as a "ho" when a guy can do the same shit and be labeled as a "PIMP"... shut the fuck up you idiot ass fucktard.. get a life and get laid.. eventually.. yes it will happen.. thats when they will become a man and that is when they are married and are pussywhipped fuckers. Until a boy has become a man he normally jacksoff to get pleasure.. they may even be desperate enough to say " I wish I were a dog so I could suck my own cock." Thats stupid.. if you were a dog, you would be pushed around.. and it would literally suck balls.
Your boyfriend.
by Heather January 21, 2004
Stupidest things on Earth
"And for Valentine's day, he gave me diet pills!"
by Yap Ry June 07, 2007

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