Dumbass. doesn't get girls, in fact doesn't get anything. someone who thinks that they have to impress a girl by beating all the others fighting them.
Girl: hey
Boy 1: hey
boy 2: lay off her man! she's mine!
Boy 1: i was here first!
*get into fight*
Girl: *stares then walks away*
by like you need to know December 08, 2004
Boys/men suck. They are the worst type of thing ever invented, but at the same time, you love them to pieces. They can rip your heart out and tare it to pieces. Then put it back together and be on his knees trying to give it back to you and make you smile again.
Salley was at the movies w/ some of her friends. Her boyfriend (Frank) was 'unable to come'. Her friends walked home and Salley was sitting outside the theater alone when, guess who, Frank and another girl walked out hand in hand. Salley didn't say a word, even when he looked her strait in the eye and didn't look even a little bit ashamed for being at the movies w/ another girl. The next day, Salley was very feeling very cheated and forgotten. Frank came up to her w/ an orange daisy, got down on his knees and said that he was sorry and that she could take him back, or leave him for being a cheating jerk. Salley gave him another chance and the rest is history.
by because I am... March 05, 2006
fuck them all there all out there everywhere to either break your heart, make your life missrible, or just ruin your life completely. sometimes there wonderful and everything but then they turn, mean are all cheaters they will do it at least once in your relationship, there liers and they all are so ladys DONT BELEAVE REALLY ANYTHING THAT THEY SAY to you cuz most of the time there just trying to either get you in bed or just want a girlfriend so say they got one, well what i say about them is just FUCK THEM ALL and just DONT TRUST THEM AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!
trust, fuck, break, heartbreaker, boys, heart, misserible, ruin, life, wonderful, cheaters, relationship, liers, ladys, beleave, bed, girlfriend.
by ♥CMF+SMH♥ July 15, 2009
Most annoying things in the world.
Something you can love and hate.
I get easily annoyed, aggravated and upset by boys.
by SAKURASAKU October 12, 2006
best gender on the planet and have more better things to do that girls. Alos they are more into cool stuff while girls including 6 year olds are into sex.
Boys fuck and rule the world

i am a boy and my gang is the boyz.
by DarkGamer July 04, 2005
an annoyingly frustrating creature, put on earth to drive girls out of their minds. They often tend to make no sense at all and contradict themselves; in both their words and actions.
look at any of the boys around you.
by vblover July 28, 2009
this term refers to a girl who has really large breasts.
That girl got them boys
by to sexy June 21, 2004

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