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boys are the most complicated things on the earth, you will first become friends, this will turn into bestfriends, then you will figure out that you like them more than just friend/bestfriend, this turns into both of yous feeling the same way about eachother and then it turns into a relationship. you love that boy so much,he tells you he love you more and you have pretendy fights over who loves you more,you think you would do anything for him and you tell him this, as time goes on you get more confident on how you's are together, all of a sudden this boy starts to change, you dont like who hes goes out with so you tell him- he ignores how you feel and continues to go out with them, eventually he starts going out with them and you go back to how things used to be, then his friends and other friends which are girls, she takes control of him and he does what she says.. he starts being a really big dick to you and you argue continuesly, eventually you sort things out, then the same thingg happens and you dont really talk much, you try your hardest to talk and work it out but he doesnt seem to want to be together.one day it all ends your heart sinks:/ DONT TRUST BOYS, dont let them take over your life, they might say they love you and everything, but they might not, and they probably wont, they lie and lie, so basicly when it comes to both knowing you like eachother, stay with it that way, cause then you wont get hurt!
"never trust boys, they'll brake your heart"

"i thought i loved jack, and i thought he loved me too"
"if you get close to boys there no doubt you will have a broken heart"
by music_life_love October 12, 2011
an animal that can talk
I wish boys would just stop talking and stand there and look hot.
by why do you want to know August 26, 2005
term for heroin
by Anonymous September 17, 2003
a male, man; the opposite of female, woman.
That boy is dressed like a girl.
by Pocahontas April 08, 2005
Human with a penis.
Billy has a penis- therefore, he is a boy.
by lawlstothawall December 06, 2007
A male under the age of eighteen.
A child under age 18
by Midnight G. Estes December 15, 2003
your crew , posse , homies. your set of mates your real tight with.
me and the "boys" were rolling deep the other night at the club.
by physiKARL August 09, 2005
friends with, part of the crew
dude, are you boys with joe?
by j-rob mad fresh April 10, 2010