Fact: Boys’ Latin is the world’s greatest lax institute in America. We have produced more Division I athletes for lacrosse than any other program. We had 4 captains in the 2004 final fours. ON DIFFERENT TEAMS. We are a family that belongs to a 220 man country club. Dress code is: mullets, raggedy old plaid jackets, pink pants, and white loafers. And that’s the only acceptable way to dress. It’s a place where we drink a beer with the old lax coach or hit it with him on the links. It’s a place where we throw sweedish fish in Billy’s fish tank and watch him freak out. WE like to bother the uptight teachers but we keep it real with the DUKE! BL is a home away from home. Some even call it home. WE have teachers who are pushing 100, Mr. Bowling Whoaa, Get OOOUT!. BL is a place where we grow up and get neighboring houses with your best buds. A place where your family becomes a legacy over the generations. BL is a place that will give you memories to last a life time.
As one would have to end with...LONG LIVE THE KING!!!!!
by THEDUKE May 05, 2005
The oldest, most prestigious, most incredible private school in Baltimore. Despite being the smallest we produce the most Division I lacrosse players of any other school. Our football team beats St. Pauls whenever they want, and our lacrosse team crushes Gilman no matter how much money those Gayhounds spend on their lax twigs.

No where else will students graduate and then head to The Crease with their English teacher just to down a long neck. No where else will students go out on SAT night, or blackout on exam weekend.

Either we like the teachers, or we treat them like shit. There's no in-between. We make joke announcements in assembly, and we trample the senior speakers just to piss of Billy. They try to push out Mr. Bowling (BINGUS) but we don't let them.

We party hard, and work easy. We can hang out with anyone, and we never keep the same girls for more than a month. Our beverage of choice is Natty Light, but we like to get into trubble every now and then. Don't be jealous if you can't keep up because no one ever can... except us BL kids.
Boys Latin Kid: Did we crush St. Paul's again?
Other Boys Latin Kid: Yeah, but who the fuck cares, let's GET FUCKED UP.
by BingusLaxer March 11, 2009
Fact: Boys’ Latin is a lax players dream. We are number 1 in the country year in and year out. People try and hate but let’s not forget we are the smallest school in the MIAA. A large percent of our population comes from money and we are all blood thirsty REPUBLICANS. Our senior lot is filled with all forms of suv's and the occasional bmw or benz. you can tell who's care is whose by the stickers on the back for OBX, ACK, lax, VT, and W 04’. WE are all a family and we all sport the mullets during lax season and we all sweat the plaid blazers and we all worship Mr. Spencer. Who else wouldn’t like a teacher who got fired for letting a kid piss in a bottle during class. “Excuse me, Elian, what the F are you doing”. “Well.. just pissing in a Bottle Sir”. Responds with, “Nice”. Don’t forget Mr. Bowling. His ashes will one day be spilled across lake ave. Whoaaaa! WE are the classic ‘joke’ school where education is secondary to lax. SATs? Ahh just for the ones who don’t play lax, almost forgot. WE all treat each other with respect and we all give the teachers hell. It’s a party off of FALLS, step on it! We throw some mean times but they usually get broken up by the Balto County Cops, who are to busy going after underage drinking than rapists. It’s a place where the headmaster hires alcohol and drug people to come in and try and get us to sober up. We prefer BL, or Bud Light to you retards. It’s a place where you can go grab a brew with your lax coaches after graduation. It is a place were we play RUIT and are damn good at it. It’s a place where you can settle down with your beautiful high school sweatheart that you stole from the fag down at SP. It’s a place where you send your kids and they send theirs. It’s a place where you come to years down the road just to watch your team dominate the crusies!
"esse quam videri"
-to be rather than to seem
by markspencer May 05, 2005
bl is where you go to school if you are better than everyone else. it is where you go if you don't NEED to do your homework. if you don't NEED to study. not that it matters, it's not like necessity is enough to get us to do anything anyway. all you need to attend BL is a wealth of knowlege about movies, and you need to KNOW that you are better than everyone else, simply because you are better looking, smarter, and more charismatic than them. a lax stick is not required, but it helps.
"That was amazing." she said, as she rolled over and went to sleep.
by camel May 06, 2005

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