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a gay term that means a man ass feels good like a pussy
by anonymous September 20, 2003
117 42
Often associated with homosexuality, the boypussy is the male anus.
Ryan and Sonny like to have sex with each other's boy pussy.
by ms_nanahooter August 05, 2003
464 90
boy's anus
you wanna cream my boy pussy?
by Attilla the Hump June 13, 2003
382 112
nice young twinks ass
his boypussy was quite tasty when I tossed his salad
by twopounds November 11, 2005
97 26
Another name for a man's asshole. The term is typically used by gay guys, as asshole is not a 'pretty' or 'fabulous' word.
Gay 1: Hi, I'm new here, most people call me Prophasis. Want to pound my boy pussy?
Gay 2: Hell ya, faggot!
by Curian the Mage June 02, 2010
129 107
A popular kink in the Glee fandom where one of the males has a vagina with/instead of a penis.
Kurt: Blaine, I have a... a boypussy.
Blaine: A what?
Kurt: A vagina Blaine! I have no penis!
Blaine: ...fuck that's hot...
by gleek98273 May 13, 2012
25 27
similar to mancunt, an asshole that gats fisted but usually belonging to a young man
by anonymous March 22, 2003
32 66