A maneuver in which a girl inserts a statement about her boyfriend to let any would-be suitors that she is already taken. In some cases it is used by single women who want to let a guy know that she isn't interested. Despite the violent name of this act, also called the boyfriend drop, and the pain it may cause for the male recipient, the boyfriend bomb is actually an act of kindness in either case. The girl is simply trying to show that she is taken or not interested, before the guy asks her out and makes an ass of himself.
As soon as I could tell he wasn't just being friendly, I hinted to him that I had a boyfriend so that he wouldn't get his hopes up.

That guy at the bar seemed really nice, he just wasn't my type, so I lied and dropped the boyfriend bomb as to not hurt his feelings.
by dananars May 06, 2009
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When a female you are interested in casually reveals that she has a boyfriend (intentionally or otherwise).
I was about to ask her out but then she dropped the boyfriend bomb.
by nomes December 21, 2005
A chemical weapon females use to disseminate doubt amongst surrounding males. It is a preemptive strike used for 2 main reasons:
- the female wants to discourage surrounding unwanted males from getting too close

-the female wants to play hard to get with an attractive male, as well as test his resolve.
beta: hey what's up?
hotchix101: just waiting for my boyfriend.
boyfriend bomb destroys!

alpha: so we should hang out sometime
hotchix1o1: well I would have to ask my boyfriend
alpha: hey I'm not asking him to hang out, I want to hang out with you
hotchix101: ok sure, what are you doing later? fuck me fuck me
boyfriend bomb separates the wheat from the chaff!
by gallowgate May 09, 2008
When you're about to ask a girl out and during the conversation she intentionally inserts a line about her boyfriend so you'll back off.
Boy: "I enjoy riding my Harley on days like this. I have a backseat..."

Girl: "Oh, yeah Jared has a Honda. He takes me out on it all the time."

Boy: "Ohhhhh!!! The boyfriend bomb! See ya."
by Evinah May 13, 2008
when a girl is approached by a guy/guys and they begin to carry out a conversation, during which the girl mentions her boyfriend. then, all of a sudden, the guy(s) make up excuses to no longer talk to her. After dropping the boyfriend bomb, the guy(s) scatter.
Bill: I was having a lively conversation with Sarah from down the street until she dropped the boyfriend bomb. Then i decided it wasn't worth pursuing and told her I had to go help my mom cook dinner.
by yourfavoriteg!rl_ October 27, 2009
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