Very decieving; may say one thing and do another, may tell white lies constantly; tend to have mood disorders; can be good or bad in bed; can sometimes be charming
my boyfriend said he'd be here in an hour, and showed up the next day after going to the bar instead
by clf1984 October 13, 2008
someone I want to share most of my time-- and all of my self and heart with.
They know he's something amazing by the way I introduce him without having to say he's my boyfriend.
by Michelle44 May 17, 2013
Someone that will willingly dress up in silly outfits, and do the most outrageous things for his girlfriend's (and possibly her friends' too) amusement.
My boyfriend dressed up as z nurse for me last Halloween.
by Marcelline Kohler October 30, 2011
Free food and personal ATM.
Just cook for it and let it touch the butt and watch as it gives you everything you've ever wanted.
Girl 1: Dang I could really go for some cheese fries
Girl 2: That's why you need a boyfriend!
by PaperElephant December 18, 2014
A boy who will break your heart no matter what you do :(
Don't believe a word that he's saying he's lying

Don't let him hurt you you better than that

by AGirlWithABrokenHeart January 06, 2014
a male human being in which a female or male shares a strong compassion and/or love with. could be an asshole at times. but means well.
haha! i have a boyfriend and you dont! SINGLE ASS BITCH!
by Olilia June 16, 2008
A male that a woman will allow to get on her last damned nerve with hopes of becoming his wife so that she can truly fulfill the vow "Til Death Do Us Part".
My boyfriend is working my last nerve. If we were married I would choke him until he was blue.
by BabyS June 15, 2007

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